Wardrobe basics: Building a Multi-Functional Wardrobe

I operate on the philosophy of putting my “best foot forward”. We just never know when we may need it. It is said that “We plan and God laughs”; certainly wise words, whether you are religious or not even Christian. The point is, that, opportunities often arise out of thin air, particularly the more lucrative ones. This signifies that we all require a go-to wardrobe that will serve us the finest “plat du jour” everyday so that we can always be prepared.

During these tough economic times (unless you are one of the emerging Chinese middle class), it has never become more pertinent than now to seek a combination of both quality and quantity. Luxury sales are up 28%, one may ask why? The answer is quite simply that people are investing in their wardrobe, realising the significance of  looking-well combined with reasoning that it is more expensive to splurge often on quantity than it is to splurge once on quality.

We are now seeking durability with less emphasis on trends and more emphasis on bargains. The world’s  economy is a long way off stabilising  with China’s economy like the anchor that is keeping the shop (sorry ship) afloat. In order to have the kind of wardrobe many are desirous to possess, the starting point is basics. We need to achieve the kind of quality wardrobe that is multi-functional and that will endure seasons (I’m talking spring/summer, even winter, not fashion seasons…. how superficial!)

To follow, I will be offering advice on the basics that I feel are the building blocks to a multi-functional wardrobe. Suggestions are welcome.

Writing soon,

Rtwgoddess xoxo