S/S 13 Roksanda Ilincic

This morning at 11am Roksanda Ilincic showcased her Spring/Summer collection for 2013 in the Savoy Ballroom in London.  Her début look was school-girl esque and her inspiration from Josef Alber’s paintings was evident. A striking cobalt blue collar offset the dull tones of monochrome as the girl clutched a large over-sized matching bag. There is something safe in this; this is a formula that could never go wrong: a simple black dress and white shirt with a splash of colour.

Her collection encompassed practicality with a certain element of luxe. The fabric of high quality nature was visible on camera. Ms. Ilincic capitalised on classics in her collection with pops of colour giving it an updated edge.

Look 7 was one of my favourites with a Greece meets Paris vibe. The wonderful draping was goddess-like while the tilted béret gave it that “je ne sais quoi”.


Look 10 was the same look but with more of a spring palate.

Look 15 and the 70’s are back in town?! I don’t think Ms. Ilincic got the memo. I don’t think the 70’s will be huge this season.

There was something too safe in this that produced an altogether unexciting collection for Ilincic for this coming S/S season. She has already developed her signature. She just needs to elaborate now and excite; two things of which she failed to capture today.


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