S/S 13 Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton presented a magnificent array of clothing that encapsulated a casual refinement. The Holly Fulton woman is a woman who is elegant and refined even when they are casual and relaxed. There was something Stepford- wife- esque about her collection. The idea that this is for a woman who is perfect and beautiful all of the time.

Classics were taken and re-invented into something modern and unusual. This fifties-inspired pencil skirt and sleeveless shirt is made modern by the unusual digital representation of a rose. The combination of round shapes gave this classic look a modern twist, with the round bowler bag and circular sunglasses.

There was nothing askew or asymmetric to be found at Fulton this season. Perfect elegance dominated; this fabulous woman, her hair neatly arranged and a perfectly symmetric provocative dress. The modern edge on this fifties ensemble was the cutout waist and the digital print.

Fulton’s glamorous looks are less contrived than that of the 1950’s and more practical. In contrast to the kitten heels of the 50’s, Fulton instead injects an easy elegance with neutral moccasins that will endeavour to match everything.


Watching Fulton’s show, one feels like a kid in a candy shop. The future will be pioneered by this designer to some extent out of all the lesser-known designers out there. Her modernity combined with her fusion of the past makes her clothing retro and modern all at the same time. This is a brand that is quite girly and celebrates glamour and femininity. But it has to be said that the Holly Fulton woman is also ambitious, powerful and aspires for greater things; some of her designs are daring. But when one can pull them off, one will be on her way to the top.


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