S/S 13 Zoe Jordan

London fashion week kicks off today and boy did it get off to a good start. Designer Zoe Jordan brought the house down with her latest collection which fashionistas all over the globe are now currently fawning over.

Jordan is best known for her bohemian aesthetic and in today’s collection her jet-setting activities were evident. An elegant tribal ensemble modeled by a gazelle-esque creature was eye-catching as it was a modern and sophisticated take compared to the tribal garb most frequently featured by designers.

The toned, athletic models more akin to Victoria’s Secret than to Fashion Week gave the show an edgy vibe. There was a sense of adventure and playfulness that appeals universally to the free-spirited. This brand is a brand that celebrates the individual, yet remaining effortlessly cool. And conversely this is a brand that everyone will want a piece of.

The mix of bright colours such as candy-floss pink and orange gave the collection a typical spring air. However an unusual mix of fabric and concept was what made it new and exciting. The opening look was a  pink suit but with a sporty vibe. A change in silhouette also added to the arousing excitement surrounding this collection moving away from the fitted, tailoring that we had been experiencing lately to a more oversized silhouette.

Previously, I had not been too familiar with Jordan and have overlooked her shows. Perhaps it is her casual, unsuspecting name. Whatever it was, from now on this designer is not to be overlooked.


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