SS13 Holmes&Yang

Holmes and stylist Jeanne Yang’s hotly anticipated collaboration for Spring/Summer was served today with 15 looks, canapés and wine.  What caught my attention straight away was the quilted leather jacket donned by a pretty blonde who bore a pink pout gazing shyly from underneath heavy lashes. The jacket was teamed with baggy blue satin pants. It sounds edgy on paper, almost cool but there was something too familiar about it to excite. Now where have I seen that before…?

In fact, it was a common theme during this event that many of the looks; bland, familiar and unexciting took to the podium. With only 15 looks shown, it looks as if Holmes & Yang were a little lost for inspiration and 15 was the only number they could handle. With so much competition in the fashion industry for designers to earn their time in the spotlight, why is it that editors and the like fawn over the non-entity collections of celebrity collaborations?

13 is said to be an unlucky number. Not for Holmes & Yang. A beautiful model elevated, back arched, perfect pout and pins in tow wears the little 13th number. Off the shoulder straps revealing a sumptuously silken décolletage with a fitted bodice and flared skirt, oozes sensuality and one wonders could I look like that if I wore that dress? More than likely not. It’s the model doing the work; not the dress.

The fifteenth look held admiring glances as a model stood confidently with weight slightly shifted onto one leg to indicate her ease, her hair elegantly twisted into a chic chignon wearing effortlessly, a sophisticated navy monochrome dress. There is something quite elegant to be said about a satin navy or a royal blue.

Holmes herself along with her fellow ‘mentor’ and stylist Jeanne Yang both sported leather jackets of different varieties.

I find that this label is like a more expensive Topshop; they understand high street not high fashion. They will be lauded of course but this brand is like a Volvo really. I’ts nice, but at the end of the day everyone will still want their Beemer.



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