A/W 12/13 Burberry Prorsum RTW Review


A soft piano instrumental plays to the large crowd seated in the Kensington Garden Tent in London’s Kensington Park. The crowd have gathered to witness Christopher Bailey’s exciting autumn/winter collection for 2012. Those not granted a seat have slipped in and taken up position standing beside the green wallpaper and glass walls that enclose the setting chosen for today’s show.

Light streamed through the windows despite the dull day and it only seemed fitting that with this weather and the electic mix of british music accompanying the model’s strides, that the collection would reveal itself to be rather subdued and desirably placating. Those in the front row, included Will.I.Am, Rosie Huntington Whitely and Eddie Redmayne.

The usual mix of coats and jackets took to the runway exuding practicality and an effortless style that has become synonymous with the Burberry brand, an element of country chic infused in each one. Bailey presented a remarkably laid-back collection which I feel will prove to be a universal popular choice among many and the quilted jackets, the burgundy belts and the waterfall pencils will inevitably find their way to the high street.

Velvet featured as did chunky knits and Burberry’s staple studded gloves. For this winter, inspired by Burberry Prorsum, think old curtains brown and marauding, velvet and grey shaped into “robes” with vintage appeal.

The show ends and the models retreat. The sound of thunder now echoes throughout the large hall, rumbling loudly. The sound now bursting into splatters of liquid as now water races down the glass ceilings giving the illusion of a rainstorm so typical of British weather. The audience’s mouths agape (Eddie Redmayne…), the models now burst once more onto the stage bearing umbrellas, prepared for this virtual rainstorm, Cara Delevigne leading the pack. The audience are starting to look up and alas confetti is falling from the ceiling. The onlookers burst into applause and rise to standing. Remarkably smiles all round, as the audience feel comforted that they are inside and shielded from the rain by it’s virtual creator and with the satisfaction of being indoors and now the desire to sport clothing such as was shown, ready to embrace and welcome the cold and depressing weather with the added perk of being spotted now with one of the stylish umbrellas parading the catwalk. A feel good feeling all round (and no that wasn’t because Will.I. Am was in the room).



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