A/W 12/13 Philip Lim 3.1 RTW Review


Monochrome was the conspicuous theme of this notable event. Lim seems to embody an understanding of the female form and psyche with flattering, tailored and trompe l’oeil clothing dominating his catwalk. At times, particular ensembles were reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour with imposing chunky coats and over-sized sunglasses waltzing nonchalantly down the runway. His overall presentation didn’t stray too far from his usual look and each outfit was almost always unmistakably “Philip Lim”. The show presented the usual winter palate with dark colours dominating, with a particular emphasis on Monochrome, however towards the end, Mr. Lim exposed us to splash’s of Bondi Blue and Tangelo. The most exciting thing for me this winter, a trend that I predict will dominate, is the infusion of Berry Red into an otherwise dull wardrobe. The colour still has the dullness of winter but with a certain warmth, it will be sure to comfort us during the long cold months ahead. I was most delighted to see that Lim has embraced this trend in his collection, in two of his looks, my favourite being the one above. A truly classic look that I myself will be sure to embrace once the cold weather sets in.

My one criticism of the show is that Lim clearly disposes a propensity for white. Not only is this not traditionally a part of the winter palate, it is most unlikely that one will be wearing this in a comsopolitan environment during rain, hail and more rain. Perhaps Lim should reserve this for his resort collection, when people who live in hotter climates or will be travelling may find some use for a smart white suit.

On the whole, it was a smart collection, with nothing new or exciting to fawn over, except the small embrace of the burgundy trend, that I predict those in the know will coveting this Winter.


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